Arbitration proceeding

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Arbitration proceeding



Request for Arbitration



Serving the request for arbitration to the defendant for his answer within 30 days (in international arbitration)



Serving the answer of the claimant to the defendant



Possible counterclaim by the defendant



(Claimant's answer to counterclaim within 30 days (in international arbitration



Fast track proceeding in small claims with less than IR Rial 500/000/000 or in rem claims

(Note to Art.3)


Calculation and collection of the arbitration costs on account based on tariff attached to Rules on Arbitration Costs

(Art. 58 & 59)


Appointment of arbitrator(s) by the parties agreement



Nomination of arbitrator(s) by ACIC in case the parties can not agree



Declaration of independence and impartiality of arbitrator(s)



 Possible challenge of arbitrator(s) with 15 days



Submission of the file to arbitrator(s) soon after collection of advance arbitration costs



Preparation of the terms of reference by the arbitrator(s) with 15 days



Hearing session



Appointment of expert, if necessary



Possible third party intervention



Closing of the proceeding within 6 months and issuing arbitration awards within 20 days (in international arbitration)



Scrutiny of the draft arbitration award by ACIC court in cases with more than IR Rials 500/000/000 or in important cases determined by ACIC secretary general



Notification of the arbitration award by ACIC or the court